Special Tool Manufacture

Solutions to Non-Standard tooling requirements...

If standard tooling does not exist for your application, our dynamic and innovative special tool manufacturing service can assist with creating a competitive solution for your application.

Toolprocure's special tool manufacturing service has quick turnaround times, which compliments their extensive range of cutting tool products. This service extends to HSS, Solid Carbide and Steel Body Indexable Insert Tools. We use some of the latest technology to quote, design and manufacture the required customised solution. We also offer cycle time studies, process proving  and custom jig and a jig and fixture manufacture service. 

Why specialized tools?

Specialised tools can not only help with cycle time reductions, such as incorporating Multi-Step Drilling tools or Profiling and Chamfering in-one to even profiled Indexable Insert Dovetail Milling Cutters, they can also assist with accessability or machine limitation problems by adding more features into one operation.

Creating custom solutions for our customers

Specialised tools also fulfills requirements for non-standard cutting diameters or tools in manufacturers products lines, incorporating same geometries and inserts required known with quick turnaround times.